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We provide training, coaching and consultancy in the media and events market. We specialise in sales, management, leadership, presentation and communication skills.

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We believe the way clients buy has changed dramatically and that traditional sales approaches no longer work. This belief drives us to deliver development activities that work.




Our clients always have lots of nice things to say about us. See what they think about the results we help them achieve and why they continue to choose Flume to help their business.



We love to chat and are obsessed with finding the right solutions for our clients. Whatever your challenge or objective, let us help find the right approach for you and your sales team.


sales and management development

Every piece of development work we do is bespoke to our clients’ needs. We focus on three core areas: sales, sales management and presentations. Find out more about how we can help you in each of these areas below.

Selling to today's buyer

What if traditional sales approaches that you have come to rely on, are actually damaging your sales revenue? What if the things you are trying to perfect are limiting the chance of you converting client deals? We help you create and deliver what your client needs today.

Managing today's sales teams

Sales managers are under pressure and need to deliver results. But the key skills required for modern managers have changed and most are focusing on the wrong things. We provide practical training courses to help sales leaders dramatically improve sales revenues.

Powerful Presentations

Every single one of us presents every single day. From how we present ourselves to the outside world when we leave the house, to the informal coffee shop 1-2-1, to the boardroom presentation or the massive client pitch. There is no escaping presentations.

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Once in a while we like to share what we've seen or experienced. In our blog, we highlight our ideas and insights on all aspects of sales, management, media and events.

Flume Video

We all hate being in front of the camera (well most of us do), but we decided to take the plunge and film a few short clips to provide some ideas and tips on how to approach sales.